About Me

Nirmaldasan is the pen name of N. Watson Solomon, an independent Communication Consultant since August 2010. Born on 29 May 1966, he grew up to gain 15 years of print media experience, including a decade with The Hindu. He also has rich academic experience as visiting faculty at the Madras Christian College since 1995, besides a two-year stint as Head — Department of Media Studies, Hindustan College of Arts & Science. In schools, he has taught chess & poetry & mathematics. This academic year (2017-18), he is a visiting faculty with Loyola-DDU Kaushal Kendra, Madras Christian College and Mohamed Sathak College of Arts & Science.

He has conducted workshops in renowned institutions, delivered keynote addresses in seminars and chaired sessions in international conferences. He was the chief guest at the valedictories of Loyola College’s Greenfest (2011), DRBCCC Hindu College’s international seminar on media and cultural convergence (2013) and Justice Basheer Ahamed Sayeed College’s Literary Fiesta (2015).

He has taught Ecocriticism at the Central University of Tamilnadu and many media-related papers at Anna University and SRM University. He has taught both UG and PG students of literature, electronic media, visual communication, journalism & mass communication. He has been a resource person in the Academic Staff Colleges of Christ University and Madras University besides Asian College of Journalism and the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media. He has also served as a subject matter expert in educational television and e-learning programmes at the Educational Multimedia Research Centre, Anna University.

He was a researcher for Kiruba Shankar’s book titled Copy Right & Left, a rewriter for the Dallas Monthly News and a reviewer for The Journal For English Language & Literary Studies. He has rendered editorial assistance to research journals such as The Journal of Media Studies of the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University and many other publications including Complete Works of Thani Nayaga Adigalaar and T.N. Mahesh’s Magic Square Puzzles. He has proofread many Ph.D. dissertations and is a mentor to research scholars.

He is the creator of the Strain Index, a formula for measuring the readability of texts; and the creator of the Green Density Measure, an eco-critical tool for analysing literary texts. He maintains a weblog Readability Monitor to keep track of plain language: https://strainindex.wordpress.com. He co-authored Plain Language In Plain English (2010), Understanding News Media (2006) and the tinai series (2001-04). He has self-published four slender volumes of poetry and a collection of translations.

Many of his articles have appeared in Vidura, a quarterly journal of the Press Institute of India. He has written more than 150 editorials on various media issues in the Journalism Online newsletter, which he edited from March 2000 to October 2012. He is a co-editor of Essays In Ecocriticism (2007) and a co-founder of Indian Journal Of Ecocriticism (2008). Most of his writings are available online: http://www.angelfire.com/nd/nirmaldasan.

He is the Secretary of Indian Online Media Forum and Editorial Advisor to tinai — an initiative of OSLE-India.

Publications (print): Books

  1. Ode To Gaia & Other Poems, July 2015
  2. Borrowed Robes, translations, May 2012
  3. Development Communication: Practices and Dilemmas, Editor (with Venkat Pulapaka), 26 February 2009.
  4. Silver Jubilee & Other Poems, June 2008
  5. Essays In Ecocriticism, Editor (with Nirmal Selvamony and Rayson K. Alex), 2007
  6. A Pocket Book Of Rhymes, October 2006.
  7. Understanding News Media (co-authored with Dr. I. Arul Aram), 2006
  8. Tinai 1, 2 & 3 (co-authored with Dr. Nirmal Selvamony), 2001-04.
  9. An Eaglet In The Skies, a collection of early poems, 1996

 Publications (print): Papers/Articles

  1. ‘Martin Heidegger And The Fourfold’, published in Eclectic Representations, July 2015
  2. ‘An Integrative Model Of Development Communication’, published in Eclectic Representations, May 2011
  3. ‘From Pot To Dam: Media Ecology In Literature’, published in The Journal For English Language And Literary Studies, April-June 2011
  4. Plain Language In Plain English (contributor; edited by Cheryl Stephens), Canada,        April 2010
  5. ‘The Ethics of Photojournalism’, published in Media Ethics, Ed. Jacob Srampickal, Media House Delhi, 2009
  6. ‘Burkey Belser’s Communication Index’: presented at the 4th National Conference on Redefining The Role Of Language In Higher Education, SRM University, 12 March 2009
  7. ‘Media And Legislative Privileges: A Case Study’ (Media Law and Ethics: Readings in Communication Regulation (Vol. 2), Edited by Kiran Prasad, New Delhi: B.R. Publishing Corporation, 2008)
  8. ‘The Seven Forms Of Free Verse’: presented at the 3rd National Conference on English To Excel, SRM University, 13-14 March 2008

 Publications (print): Stylebook/Newsletter

  1. ASLE India newsletter, Editor, October 2005.
  2. ‘Essential Style’, a guide to usage, appeared in Journal Of Communication Studies, October-December 2002, Bhopal.
  3. The Mathematist, Editor, inaugural and only issue, December 1991.

 Publications (online)

  1. The Vision Of The Baptist, May 2017
  2. Playful Poesy, February 2017
  3. Poetry Workbook, June 2016
  4. Prose Workbook, March 2016
  5. The Passionate Verses & Other Translations, March 2015
  6. As Easy As 1-2-3, May 2014
  7. The Pleasures Of Indolence, March 2014
  8. A Season Of Mischief (selected essays), June 2013
  9. John Milton’s Paradise Lost (retold), March 2013
  10. A Quiver Of Arrows, May 2007
  11. Literary Trivia & Curiosities, February 2004
  12. The Enchanted Shirt & Other Scripts, January 2004
  13. Visual Poetics, January 2004 (www.writing-world.com)
  14. Rocking Pegasus, July 2002


  1. M.Phil (JMC), Madurai Kamaraj University, 2005-2007. Dissertation: A Quantitative Analysis Of Media Language, under the guidance of Dr. Nirmal Selvamony.
  2. M.A. (Mass Communication and Journalism), Alagappa University, 2001-2003.
  3. Certificate in Web Publishing, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, July-November 2000.
  4. B.Sc (Maths), Madras Christian College, 1984-87.

 Contact Details

Residence: Plot 15, Door No. 4/151, Amudham Nagar, Madhanapuram, Chennai – 48.

E-mail: nirmaldasan@gmail.com                                                        Mobile: 9444649431







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